Shooting slow motion Alexa Mini for Park One Sydney
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I recently shot a stunning nature commercial for new Sydney property Park One Seasons on my new Alexa mini.

The project was themed around nature and so we shot on my Arri Alexa Mini and cranked up the camera to 200 frames per second to capture some amazing macro shots. A native giant blue bee and a butterfly were my favourite shots that we captured. The film required a number of shots filmed with hazers in a forest so with the help of our awesome crew and some innovation we pulled off some amazing moody shots and the client was very happy.

There is nothing like shooting nature shots with Alexa Mini – the colours just beam out of the screen. We also shot a tiny macro shot of a blue pink water Lilly flower and with some water sprits at 200 frames per second on a 100mm macro lens, the shot was just stunning.  The Alexa mini is such a versatile camera and so easy to use. One of my favourite aspects is the built in ND filters which makes is so easy to shoot wide open on the lens and not have to put any glass in front of the lens.

One of my other favourite shots was a macro of a tiny ant crawling along the stem of a leaf. We just had to keep rolling until the ant crawled along the right section of leaf.  You have to have patience when you shoot nature and I find its a good idea to make your camera rig as user friendly as possible utilising a lightweight tripod and keeping the camera as light as possible. I will have a link up soon.

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